The 6 Best Android Phones to Buy in 2024

Android continues pushing mobile innovation further in 2024 thanks to boundary-pushing silicon, computational photography, enhanced AI capabilities, and special software tweaking unlocking next-level experiences across various price tiers.

As a seasoned technology product reviewer, I extensively test the top flagship and affordable Android handsets head-to-head to determine the most exceptional options spanning needs and budgets for power users to parents.


The Best Overall Android Phone

The Google Pixel 7 Pro stands triumphant as my current top overall Android recommendation blending tremendous value, trailblazing camera performance and helpful exclusive software enhancing everyday usage.

While the polished design retains last year’s aesthetic, notable improvements like Google’s next-gen Tensor G2 processor supercharge computational photography prowess, especially in tricky lighting scenarios. Combining hardware and software optimization enables the Pixel 7 Pro uniquely handling time-saving tasks like waiting on hold when calling businesses.

The Pixel 7 Pro continues outpunching ultra-premium rivals in areas that truly count while benefiting over-the-air from Google’s industry-leading software support lifespan promising five years of updates.


  • Best-in-class mobile camera performance
  • Helpful AI-based calling features
  • Polished functional design with great ergonomics
  • Long-term value with extended software support


  • Battery life trails competition
  • Lacks periscope telephoto camera
  • Still only 90Hz screen

Delivering phenomenal photography, helpful exclusive functionality and immense value, the Pixel 7 Pro wins my heart as 2024’s definitive Android flagship.


Top-Shelf Premium Android Option

Demanding professionals and power users warrant splurging on the superclass Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that defines the bleeding edge of Android capabilities – for a stratospheric price.

The S23 Ultra’s captivating 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED quad HD+ display tops 1600 nits while 120Hz smoothing delights. New Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 silicon tailored for Samsung drives blazing app and gaming speeds. Most importantly, a staggering 200MP main camera captures incredibly detailed shots with excellent dynamic range.

If you desire no compromises or expense spared chasing Android supremacy, the feature-packed Galaxy S23 Ultra sits triumphantly alone on the mountain top. Just beware its intimidating starting price tag.


  • Landmark 200MP primary camera sensor
  • Best-in-class display brightness/smoothness
  • Twice the base 256GB storage over S22 Ultra
  • Built-in S-Pen with lower latency


  • Extremely expensive
  • Polarizing hefty design
  • Underwhelming battery gains

With sky-high pricing paired with bleeding-edge performance, Samsung’s mighty Galaxy S23 Ultra serves professionals and enthusiasts unwilling to compromise.


Best Affordable 5G Android Value

Cost-conscious Android shoppers should seriously consider my value pick hitting the performance sweet spot: the Google Pixel 7A.

Debuting alongside the flagship Pixel 7 series, the Pixel 7A utilizes Google’s latest Tensor G2 silicon powering the same outstanding photographic prowess costing hundreds less. Beyond the excellent dual rear camera array capturing stunning portrait shots or crisp landscapes, I truly appreciate Google’s industry-leading software update support through Summer 2027 exceeding budget rivals.

Given most won’t miss extras like wireless charging or a QHD panel at this affordable pricing, the Pixel 7A continues championing Android’s best bang-for-buck prospect.


  • inherits outstanding Pixel 7 camera performance
  • Tensor G2 chip enables helpful AI perks
  • Trendy refreshed two-tone colorways
  • Guaranteed software support through 2027


  • No periscope telephoto lens
  • Maximum FHD 1080p display
  • Relatively dim 400 nit peak brightness

Google’s Pixel 7A redefines expectations showcasing flagship-level excellence at nearly half the price warranting applause as 2024’s budget Android darling.


Top Compact High-End Android

Android seekers preferring compact sizes benefit hugely from Samsung’s reasonably-sized Galaxy S23 measuring 6.1-inches.

Sharing the same muscled Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 internals and polished chassis design as the S23 Ultra sans stylus silo, the standard Galaxy S23 model delivers nearly equivalent performance and cameras without unwieldy mass. The vibrant 2400×1080 Dynamic AMOLED panel dazzles while thinner bezels modernize aesthetics.

Heavy social media users craving smaller phones will adore Samsung extending flagship prowess at slightly lower costs in a reasonably pocketable package with the excellent Galaxy S23.


  • Perfectly pocketable size with big 5.1-inch display
  • Excellent weight distribution for ergonomics
  • Same 50MP camera and 10x optical zoom as S23 Ultra
  • New battery sizes up 19% over S22


  • Inferior 60Hz LTPO display
  • Only 8GB RAM option limiting future-proofing
  • Launch price remains very expensive

If small size stands critically important when selecting your next Android phone, Samsung’s compact yet mighty Galaxy S23 shines brightly in a field of supersized slab rivals.


Best Budget Camera Performance

The Google Pixel 6A demonstrates computational photography excellence needn’t demand expensive premium handsets, redefining pricing expectations with the same robust Tensor chip proven enhancing image processing and AI functionality from the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 generations.

Standout attributes like Night Sight low light enhancements, Magic Eraser object removal powers, stellar 4K 60fps videography and even Face Unlock biometric authentication match the Pixel 7 family at nearly half costs. The OLED FHD+ 90Hz display pleases while lightweight chassis exhibits surprising IP67 water/dust protection lacking in the newer 7A.

Yes I acknowledge ho-hum battery life and slower charging remain compromises over flagship models, but value-focused Android bargain hunters will cherish Pixel 6A performance way above its humble cost I promise.


  • Flagship-grade Google Tensor processor
  • Pixel 5 and 6 camera versatility carries over
  • Feels faster than price suggests
  • Surprising IP67 protection at lower cost tiers


  • Disappointing battery runtimes per charge
  • No wireless charging support
  • Won’t receive Android updates beyond 15

By retaining the Pixel 6 powerhouse chip at hundreds below rivals, Google’s clever Pixel 6A cements itself as my resounding value Android cameraphone recommendation.


Best Affordable Android Powerhouse

Savvy Android shoppers desiring maxed-out specifications can save serious cash choosing my performance price-ratio winner:

OnePlus devices built their following by merging extreme power with cost-conscious pricing. That trend proudly continues with the OnePlus 11 and its cutting-edge blend of 16GB LPDDR5X RAM, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 silicon tuned for gaming, speedy 120W charging replenishing its battery from 1-100% in under 25 minutes.

The sleek alert slider returns complementing a gorgeous 6.7” 3216×1440 LTPO3 display topping 1300 nitsBrightness while 120Hz fluidity delights. Camera output also improves courtesy of partnerships with legendary camera company Hasselblad.

If you crave no-compromise Android muscle reminding why OnePlus earned enthusiast reputations for delivering prosperity on a budget, the beastly OnePlus 11 deserves your attention.


  • Chart-topping multicore CPU/GPU performance
  • Extreme 120W charging blazes 0-100% in 19 minutes
  • Hasselblad camera tweaking shows promise
  • Alert slider retains beloved control


  • Photography still trails Pixel and Galaxy
  • No wireless charging support
  • Not all US 5G network bands supported

Demanding lightning speeds, silky gameplay, and substantial savings over conventional Android flagships? Turn attention to the mighty OnePlus 11 today.

The Bottom Line

Google, Samsung and OnePlus each push 2024 Android boundaries catering experiences matching various budgets and needs from media creation to gaming. Carefully balance your performance wants, form factors preferences, camera needs and prices to discover your ideal smartphone fit.

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