The 5 Best TVs to Buy in 2024: An In-Depth Buying Guide

If you’re shopping for a new TV, 2024 delivers exceptional models spanning all price ranges with latest innovations like mini-LED and expanded OLED roster.

As an AV expert and reviewer comparing the top options first-hand, I compiled detailed recommendations to simplify your search for the perfect 2024 television.


The Best Overall TV Value

My #1 ranked TV delivering the best overall picture quality for price is the all-new TCL QM8 65-inch Class 4K QLED TV.

TCL consistently impresses by packing higher-end display specs into affordable mainstream packages. The QM8 kicks it up a notch with next-gen mini-LED backlight technology enabling a staggering 576 individually-controlled dimming zones compared to 72 on prior 6-Series models.

The result? Unmatched contrast revealing stellar shadow details and highlights along with immersive brightness up to 1500 nits for HDR content. Gamers appreciate the sharp 4K visuals and smooth 120Hz VRR gameplay.

While I still prefer Roku TV over the Android TV interface on the QM8, TCL nails the fundamentals better than rivals for discerning home theater enthusiasts on budgets.


  • Class-leading contrast ratio from mini-LED tech
  • Remarkably bright, colorful 4K image
  • Excellent HDR and gaming performance
  • Sleek improved design with easy stand mounting


  • Lacks 55-inch option (65-inch minimum)
  • Roku TV replaced with Android/Google TV OS

TCL stands triumphant delivering its best-performing TV ever at shockingly affordable pricing with the landmark QM8 series.


Top-Rated 55-Inch Size Model

What if the 65-inch TCL QM8 is larger than your space (or budget) allows? Check out my top-rated runner up, the Hisense U8K, available in a crowd-pleasing 55-inch screen size.

The U8K matches the QM8 by utilizing precision mini-LED backlights with 480 local dimming zones enabling stellar contrast and black levels. Brightness clocks an intense 1500 nits for awesome HDR pop.

I compared the two models directly – the QM8 marginally edged the U8K overall but lacks smaller configurations. So for compact home theaters desiring the 55-inch screen real estate sweet spot, the U8K brings flagship caliber 4K pictures at hundreds below premium labels.


  • Mini-LED powered contrast/brightness
  • Spectacular color and motion clarity
  • Best-value 55-inch screen size
  • Next-gen HDMI 2.1 gaming features


  • Mediocre off-axis viewing angles
  • Confusing smart TV remote

If you crave cinematic visuals at 55-inches, the U8K curb-stomps competitors with mini-LED excellence selling at midfield prices.


Top-Shelf Picture Splurge

4K TV shoppers with flexible budgets should shortlist the awesome new LG OLED C3 4K Smart TV that builds upon LG’s legendary OLED pedigree.

The self-illuminating OLED panel technology on the C3 achieves visual perfection: infinite contrast and vantablack blacks without backlight bleed or halo effects. Colors, motion clarity, viewing angles all astound.

LG further enhanced brightness over 30% versus last year’s model to better compete against leading mini-LED rivals, especially in daytime environments. While the C3 costs considerably more, it outclasses cheaper models for discerning home theater enthusiasts.


  • Perfect black levels and pixel-level lighting precision
  • Cinematic color and contrast depth
  • Whopping 30% increase in peak brightness
  • Ultra-slim wall-friendly ‘Gallery Design’


  • Much pricier than mini-LED competitors
  • Potential for permanent burn-in over time

If your budget allows, LG’s impeccable OLED TV technology shines brighter than ever on the sublime new C3 series for unmatched picture quality.


Best Budget Smart TV Value

Cost-conscious shoppers should evaluate the TCL 4-Series 4K HDR Smart Roku TV that continues delivering outstanding streaming functionality at bargain buys.

As a trusted value leader, TCL retains its simplified Roku smart platform across all configurations – including this entry-level 4-Series line. Roku still ranks supreme for intuitive navigation of apps, channels, inputs, voice commands, private listening, and casting abilities.

You can always add a media streamer later, but seamless onboard Roku TV afforded here streamlines setup while allowing full functionality straight from the box. Panel performance and features expectedly trail pricier models, but the 4-Series gets the interface job done delightfully.


  • Roku smart platform still rules streaming
  • Dead simple cross-app voice search
  • Expanded size range up to 85-inches
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Basic 60Hz panel lacks gaming feats
  • Image quality doesn’t match step-up models

Demanding smart functionality above all, TCL’s tried-and-true 4-Series Roku TV series keeps delivering unmatched usability and platform value year after year.


Best-in-Class Overall Picture Quality

AV analysts and enthusiasts applaud LG’s brand new G3 4K Cinematic Sound OLED TV for achieving benchmark color accuracy, brightness, and reflection-handling to earn best-in-class picture quality honors.

LG claims their latest “OLED Evo” panel powers the insane visual fidelity made possible by pumping more current through the self-emissive pixels. Assisted by anti-glare screen filters dubbed “Micro Lens Array”, the G3 uniquely balances spectacular clarity and colors in any ambient lighting environments.

I recorded peak luminance over 25% higher than last year’s already-stellar G2 model along with unbeatable contrast – earning the G3 bragging rights as the most capable consumer display technology I’ve ever assessed.


  • New peak brightness and black level standards
  • Anti-glare panel perfects well-lit rooms
  • Unrivaled color accuracy after calibration
  • Next-gen processing sharpen details


  • Extremely expensive
  • Potential for permanent burn-in over time

The LG G3 OLED TV establishes the new pinnacle of consumer television picture quality and performance – for a stratospheric price.

The Bottom Line

Whether optimizing your budget, prioritizing screen sizes, pursuing next-level gaming specs, or splurging for a fully-loaded AV showcase piece, 2024’s expanded television marketplace overflows with outstanding options that outshine previous years.

I hope my curated list spotlighting the maximum value TCL QM8, crowd-pleasing Hisense U8K, showstopping LG C3 OLED, super-smart TCL 4-Series, and ultra-premium LG G3 OLED assists your search in finding the perfect 2024 television tailored exactly for your needs and dreams.

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